1978 Meg poem

The Walls Reverberate

The playroom walls reverberate…

The Walls Reverberate  (June 1973)

The playroom walls reverberate,
At evenings and weekends,
To the thunder of the latest ‘pops’
When Colin and his friends,
With record-player at full blast
And everybody singing
Go through the pop-charts from the top –
Then back to the beginning.

Susan is working in her room
Preparing for exams.
The little wireless on her desk
Croons to her while she crams.
She says it helps her concentrate,
Perhaps it does, for she
Is doing well. She plans to go
To university.

My husband’s in the sitting room
Playing the organ there;
It helps him to relax, he says,
When he has time to spare.
So ‘Annie Laurie’, ‘Clementine’,
‘Daisy’ and ‘Danny Boy’
Go floating sweetly round his head
In electronic joy.

I’m in the kitchen washing up,
Cooking the supper too.
I do not mind domestic chores,
Whatever job I do.
I’m listening to my wireless set,
Tuned in to Radio Three,
And Handel, Bach and Beethoven
Go everywhere with me.

Meg Rugg-Easey May 1972