1970 Meg poem


If I should die tomorrow, as I might…

Tomorrow (Sept. 1970)

If I should die tomorrow, as I might –
As might we all – what would I miss the most,
When taking leave of all I love, and what
Regret the most?

   I think I would not grieve
To leave my loves behind, for they are safe
Enfolded in my heart, fused with my mind;
If anything survives they will not die

   And what regrets? Only, I think, for my
Lost opportunities; failures of love
Of patience, sympathy or tenderness.

   Our lives are but on loan, and when ’tis time
To make repayment it’s only the end
Of one adventure and, maybe, the start
Of yet another. I’ll repay my loan,
When I needs must with resignation and
With gratitude, for I’ve enjoyed my life.

Meg Rugg-Easey Sept. 1970

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