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Almond Blossom

Three Almond trees have blossomed in the square…

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Almond Blossom

Three Almond trees have blossomed in the square
And all this week their palely-tinted flowers
Have hung in wondrous clusters, gently swaying
With every little breeze, and dropping showers
Of tiny snow-flake petals to obscure
The dusty pavement stones. And I have passed
And as I passed looked up to wonder at
The glory of these clusters ‘gainst the sky.

There have been many others this week who
Have raised their eyes to see the laden boughs
But more have passed, with down-bent heads and missed
The joy of seeing Nature’s freshness triumph
Over the dingy, time-worn city street.

And as I watched them from my window here
Hurrying past, unconscious of the joy
They might have had by merely looking up
I wondered if those people spent their lives
Missing the beauty that is freely shown
To those whose eyes are looking out to see,
Whose minds are not too stagnant to receive
Fresh thoughts, new wonders, great discoveries.

And yet, I reasoned, if they miss the joys
Yet there are many sorrows they miss too,
For to be blind to Beauty when she beckons
Is to be deaf to Sorrow till she weeps.
Thus we must choose to joy or sorrow keenly
Or lose them both in dull indifference.

Margaret Taylor

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